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Boglárka Gerstner is a Hungarian born pianist/composer currently resides in the UK.
She is working on various music projects as a pianist/songwriter, writing solo piano pieces, composing film music and classical piano pieces for children.
She is also a classical piano teacher of the North London Conservatoire.

She studied classical music and won several music awards as a teenager in various classical piano competitions. Later she also studied jazz music and formed her first band at the age of 18.


She started writing music as a teenager in the style of progressive rock, complex rhythms, odd time-signatures combined with classical influenced virtouso piano parts, melancholic melodies. Collaborating with her brother Arpad they founded the band CodeX and released the album Wide-Awake.


After hearing advice from friends that her music is very filmy, she started studying film music in London and the Berklee College of Boston. Soon she built up a diverse repertoire of classically inspired film music compositions.

Her style is grown from her musically adventurous experience, romantic, melancholic, quirky, joyful or dark, harmonic or dissonant.


She is also part of two original bands in London.


As a songwriter she has teamed up with vocalist Mel Golding, a versatile singer with a powerful dramatic voice. Their both culturally and musically interesting collaboration led to the birth of Nova Luna, a female duo of piano-voice. Their Debut album Naked As The Moon includes 10 songs in the style of pop/rock, ranging from quirky songs to dramatic ballads. Please see further links.


As a pianist, she is also a musical partner in the band D-EDGE which was founded by classically trained Italian cellist/singer Stefano Matteucci. She found mutual roots in Stefano's original music of classical/film/pop genre with demanding piano parts which raised her interest to be part of this musical experience. They have released 5 studio albums so far. Please see further links.

She has also made piano books for children. These books ranging from beginners to advanced students of all levels, 6 books containing only original compositions.

She also arranged her compositions on solo piano, please visit the video section to hear some of her solo work.

All of her work from the past has been recently collected and re-arranged in a soft manner, played and written emphasising the melancholic character of the pieces, resulting in a one hour long soft piano music. 


She is also a piano teacher of the North-London Music Conservatoire, which is a very rewarding work to see and guide talented pianists through their musical journey.

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